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Tuna Salad with Marinara Sauce and Black Olives

Tuna Salad with Marinara Sauce and Black Olives

Life much like travelling is full of twists turns and expected surprises.  Several years ago Bob Perry from Rolling Strong first told me of a simple way to make flavorful and lower calorie tuna salad by substituting marinara sauce. In my mind the thought of that combination had zero appeal.  It was not till this year I finally found the courage to try it.  To my pleasant surprise it was GOOD!!!

Tuna Salad on lettuce and Kale with Feta and Black Olives

Tuna Salad on lettuce and Kale with Feta and Black Olives

During conversations with some fellow trucking cooks about this dish, all of them had a similar first reaction to mine.  Then we began to think and analyze the dish.  Realizing that fish and tomato is often used in Mediterranean cooking.  Once we made that connection the creative juices flowed.  I came up with the basic concept for this dish, then we began to play and have fun with.  It was amazing to me how many variations we came up with this dish in such a short period of time.  Not only in terms of ingredients and flavorings but also in ways to serve it as well.  This is a true Flexipe.

This recipe can easily be a Smart Carb choice by not using bread.  Make it as a Salad or a Wrap with lettuce and you reduce the carbs greatly.  Using the Cabbage and Kale adds a lot of nutrients with minimal carbs.

Mediteranean Inspired Tuna Salad on a Tortilla with Lettuce, Kale, Feat, Black Olives, and Tomato

Mediteranean Inspired Tuna Salad on a Tortilla with Lettuce, Kale, Feat, Black Olives, and Tomato

I invite you to try this Dish yourself, hopefully you will find it to be an enjoyable detour, to a delicious destination in your culinary journeys.



Mediterranean Inspired Tuna Fish

This can be done as a salad over romaine, cabbage or kale. It can also be done as a wrap or sandwich.

1 can tuna well drained I recommend tuna in water.
2 teaspoons of your favorite spaghetti sauce I like Ragu Chunky Vegetable.
Red Onion chopped about a teaspoon chopped fine
Black Pepper to taste
about a teaspoon of black olives chopped (optional).
1-2 teaspoons of feta or a slice or provolone.

Drain the tuna well. Mix the ingredients and place on top of greens or in wrap or sandwich. Add the cheese at the end or on top. You can add a pinch of crushed red pepper for a little extra heat. Also if you like you can add a pinch of Italian Seasoning or some Parsley.

Linda Caffees Gluten Free Version Romaine Lttuce Leaf, Mozzerala Cheese, and the Tuna Blend

Linda Caffees Gluten Free Version Romaine Lettuce Leaf, Mozzarella Cheese, and the Tuna Blend


Enjoy this Recipe that was developed for the Rolling Strong Newsletter by Linda Caffee and myself.!!!

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