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Larger than Santa

Me in Christmas of 2011 at my heaviest of 305 pounds. I am the one on the right to be clear. Hey when you are larger than Santa you don’t want people getting confused…

I knew I was gaining weight.  My pant size was increasing slowly but surely. I was starting ti find my 44’s to tight and was moving to 46’s and contemplating 48’s. Yet it did not hit me how heavy I was and how other saw me.  As a rule of thumb I do not like my picture taken, has not for years even when i was skinny. I just don’t like seeing me on film.  I had stopped with a friend at a Golden Corral for breakfast, a few weeks before Christmas.  While there Santa stopped by to give the customers candy canes and have our pictures take with him.  My friend talked me into it.  I glanced at the picture and thought it was a good shot.  It wasn’t till a bit later I looked at it again.  It brought a tear to my eye.  Here in living color was proof. Proof I was fat.

My mother for months had been saying I needed to loose weight and suggesting I was 13 months pregnant with a baby elephant.   This pic actually made me tear up.  While my face was happy I saw myself for the first time as others did.  As a fat man just another fat truck driver.  This pic helped to motivate me to loose weight,and to work to keep it off.  Any time I feel that the work is not worth it.  I look at this pic and remind myself I don’t want to be larger than Santa….

Loosing weight is not easy especially on the road.  It can be done I am proof.  You have to find your motivation and what works for you.  After all if you don’t I hear Golden Corral is looking for Santa’s………

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I have been driving in the trucking industry for 9 years working for a major over the road refrigerated carrier. In "previous lives," I have worked as a police dispatcher while in college for Geology and Sociology, spent time in restaurant kitchens, and spent 9 years in retail electronics. Of all my jobs, I enjoy probably enjoy driving the most, with cooking not far behind. During my time as a driver my weight went up and my health went down. In the last few years I have made the decision to start taking back my health. chronicles my story, as well as that of other drivers. It will share tips and tricks that, if they work for professional drivers with limited time, space, and equipment, they should be able to work for anyone. It also allows me to share my passion for the trucking industry, and good food with others. Simply put, Road Tested Living is all about Learning to Live Well from Life's Lessons on the Road.

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