Larger than Santa

Me in Christmas of 2011 at my heaviest of 305 pounds. I am the one on the right to be clear. Hey when you are larger than Santa you don’t want people getting confused…

I knew I was gaining weight. My pant size was increasing slowly but surely. I was starting ti find my 44’s to tight and was moving to 46’s and contemplating 48’s. Yet it did not hit me how heavy I was and how other saw me. As a rule of thumb I do not like my picture taken, has not for years even when i was skinny. I just don’t like seeing me on film.  I had stopped with a friend at a Golden Corral for breakfast, a few weeks before Christmas. While there Santa stopped by to give the customers candy canes and have our pictures take with him. My friend talked me into it. I glanced at the picture and thought it was a good shot. It wasn’t till a bit later I looked at it again. It brought a tear to my eye. Here in living color was proof. Proof I was fat.

My mother for months had been saying I needed to loose weight and suggesting I was 13 months pregnant with a baby elephant. This pic actually made me tear up. While my face was happy I saw myself for the first time as others did. As a fat man just another fat truck driver. This pic helped to motivate me to loose weight, and to work to keep it off. Anytime I feel that the work is not worth it. I look at this pic and remind myself I don’t want to be larger than Santa….

Loosing weight is not easy especially on the road. It can be done I am proof. You have to find your motivation and what works for you. After all if you don’t I hear Golden Corral is looking for Santa’s………

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