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1st Cooking Summit at MATS Photo by RoadTestedLiving

1st Cooking Summit at MATS Photo by RoadTestedLiving

The next Cooking in the Truck Summit is on its way!!!

Here is your formal invitation I hope to see as many of you in Dallas at the Great American Truck Show where it will be held.

Time for the next cooking summit!!! Now it would not be an event if you did not get your formal invite. So here it is!!!!
It is with great pleasure that Tom Kyrk of Road Tested Living and Linda Caffee member of Trucking Solutions Group, and Freightliner’s Team Run Smart, announce the second Cooking In the Truck Summit. This Summit will take place during the Great American Truck Show on Friday August 28th, 12:30-1330, at the Landstar Fit for the Road Health Pavilion.

This second summit follows the first ever-cooking summit that was held at an earlier truck show. Over 50 drivers, as well as select industry leaders were in attendance to discuss ways drivers can eat more cost effectively, and healthfully on the road.
The focus of this summit will be on ways to store food, and every day items in the truck. As well as the various tools, and devices drivers use to prepare their food. Additionally to discuss ways to promote cooking in the truck, and the benefits of preparing our own food has to drivers. Part of this will include ways to encourage the trucking industry to support cooking in the truck, by improving access to the resources needed to prepare, and obtain food while on the road.

MATS 2015 Cooking Summit Photo by RoadTestedLiving

MATS 2015 Cooking Summit Photo by RoadTestedLiving

This summit will be an open forum facilitated by Linda and Tom. As with the previous summit the purpose is to promote an increased sense of community among drivers using food as the common ground. (After all we all must eat.) All cooking styles and levels of experience are welcome to attend and to contribute to this event. For the Summit there is no right or wrong way to prepare and eat food in the truck. It is our belief that by bringing together diverse backgrounds and opinions that common ground can be achieved to better promote a more positive image of the industry, and those who are in it.

In addition to drivers who cook or are interested in learning about cooking in their trucks various industry groups will be invited. Ranging from truck stops, truck manufactures, customization firms, and those who make products for cooking and improved life in the truck. This summit is a way for everyone involved to gather and exchange ideas. It is Linda and Tom’s belief that cooking in the truck can be a simple and cost effective way for drivers to help control their food expenses and to improve their health by better controlling their diet.

As part of the summit at GATS. Linda and Tom are requesting that drivers e-mail pictures of their storage solutions, as well as their favorite appliances. These will be placed into a slide show presentation and be shown in the back ground during the summit. Additionally these pictures will be posted on the Cooking Summit Facebook page, and on at a future date. This will serve as a way for those who are unable to attend to get ideas to make their life on the road easier. Please e-mail your photos to, put pics in the subject line please.

Also if your a member of a cooking or health group and would like to see it promoted. Please send the name of the group with a short description, and links to your pages to. please put groups in the subject line.

Linda and Tom would like to thank Randall Reilly and the Great American Truck show for recognizing the value of this event. Their support and generosity for allowing us to use the health stage for this town hall of drivers, and industry leaders is greatly appreciated. With out their initiative and support for this endeavor it would not have been possible to host it at this years event.
If you have questions about the Summit being scheduled for GATS or the previous summit please feel free to e-mail us at

Best Wishes and Happy Cooking
Tom and Linda

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