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Getting and Staying Motivated

When it comes to making changes in your life finding and keeping that motivation to keep you going can be a huge challenge. For me personally, that is one of the biggest challenges. After all the motivation that works for 1 person is most likely ...

Finding and Keeping your Motivation.

One of the biggest challenges anyone faces when making changes in their life is finding and keeping their motivation. Whether one is trying to save money for the future, make a change in their health, lifestyle, or really make any other change in your life. ...

TOMTOM Trucker 600 GPS Navigation System

This year at the Mid-America Truck Show I stumbled across a booth in the west wing that surprised me. TOMTOM had a booth to showcase their new Trucking Industry Specific GPS system, as well as fitness trackers. Many of you I am sure recall the ...
Cooking On the TruckRecipes

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Spinach Caprese


Are you ready for a Truck Show?

Truck show season is winding down, and to paraphrase Hank Williams JR.  Are you ready for a Truck Show? Each year at the end of August people gather in Dallas for The Great American Truck Show. Yes we can debate for hours about a Truck ...
Cooking On the TruckRecipes

Swedish Meatballs by Vanessa Pelligrino

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