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Rolling Kitchen Cookbook

The Rolling Kitchen Cookbook

This exclusive cookbook is now available for download. With over 100 pages of healthy recipes and cooking tips from the experts, this cookbook is a must for any driver that enjoys cooking in their truck. Presented by ATBS, Freightliner’s Team Run Smart, Rolling Strong, and Road Tested Living.

Get it here: Rolling Kitchen Cookbook

Road Tested Living

RTL Logo Road Tested Living began as a simple project, to share one drivers story how by eating healthier,through cooking on the truck, and increasing his activity. He was able to loose weight while on the road and improve his quality of life.

It quickly became a site that increased its focus to life’ lessons learned from the road on living well. The stories, technology tips, and practical advice are taken from America’s professional truck drivers who have found ways to improve their quality of life. These Road Tested tips can be adapted by anyone who is looking to achieve wellness in their lives.

Whether it be in dealing with technology, health, or overall wellness. It does not matter if you are a truck driver, business traveler, live in an RV, or a small apartment, if these tips can improve the lives of an over the road truck driver they can be used by anyone.

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