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Mediterranean Inspired Masterpiece for Marcia Campbell

Over the last several months I have had the privilege to get to know the Marvelous Marcia Campbell.  For those of you do not know her she is the fantastic host of the All Nighter On WSM the home of the Grand Ole Opry. She ...

Highlights of GATS 2017

Like many people involved in the trucking industry. September 1 rolls around and we are moaning, groaning, and moving around like we have aged 30 years over night.  One may think we had spent too much time enjoying Labor Day Weekend.  No, we are still ...

Tough Tested Noise-Reducing Earbuds Under Review

Earlier this year Tough Tested came out with a series of earbuds. They had several goals in releasing these earbuds. 1 Make them durable 2 Have high quality audio 3 A mic that can be used for phone calls. 4 Water and Dust resistant. 5 ...

Getting and Staying Motivated

When it comes to making changes in your life finding and keeping that motivation to keep you going can be a huge challenge. For me personally, that is one of the biggest challenges. After all the motivation that works for 1 person is most likely ...

Finding and Keeping your Motivation.

One of the biggest challenges anyone faces when making changes in their life is finding and keeping their motivation. Whether one is trying to save money for the future, make a change in their health, lifestyle, or really make any other change in your life. ...

TOMTOM Trucker 600 GPS Navigation System

This year at the Mid-America Truck Show I stumbled across a booth in the west wing that surprised me. TOMTOM had a booth to showcase their new Trucking Industry Specific GPS system, as well as fitness trackers. Many of you I am sure recall the ...
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