Getting and Staying Motivated

When it comes to making changes in your life finding and keeping that motivation to keep you going can be a huge challenge. For me personally, that is one of the biggest challenges. After all the motivation that works for 1 person is most likely the same for another. Things that motivate us could be an upcoming event, family, health, money, or really almost anything that personally get you going.

For me when I began this journey it was a mix of reasons. There was health, and work as the Doctor wanted me to lose weight and reduce my BMI. There was money as the area in which I was running at the time was too expensive to eat out more than once or twice a week. In many ways the later was the biggest motivation. $10.00 for a basic Whopper meal, and I am not a huge personal fan of them any more. (They jsut do not tast as good as when i was a kid) This made it easier to get me cooking on the truck on a regular basis. That combined with some moderate walking and exercise and the pounds began to come off.

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