Trucking Coffee and National Coffee Day

The sweet nectar that fuels Americas drivers.

For many drivers, coffee is the fuel that keeps us going. Without it, our days seem to have less meaning and thought of mass homicide tend to enter our minds. Give us a cup of coffee and the untamed beast that lurks within tends to go back into hiding. Often times when we walk into a truck stop carrying our travel mug. You will hear someone ask how our day is, grunts and growls may be heard.  Then after that first sip of the nectar of the gods, you will suddenly hear a polite and articulate answer.  We had too much hemoglobin in our caffeine systems and were in desperate need of an infusion of the nectar that makes living life worthwhile.

Over the years drivers have consumed countless gallons of coffee. Many of us share stories about where we have found the best and worst cups of coffee on the road. Back when I first started driving truck. It was not unusual for truck stops to give drivers a free cup of coffee or fountain drink with a fill-up of fuel. Over the years the years the number of truck stops that do that have greatly dwindled.

For those who remember the days of free coffee.  They will recall a certain chain who served coffee to drivers on their fuel island. The “coffee” was always extremely weak and typically undrinkable. Many drivers would joke or trade suggestions on how it was brewed.  The typical consensus was it was made from dirty dishwater that had been filtered with old socks and well-used underwear that they had found abandoned in the shower rooms. Where the grounds came from was always debated. We could not decide if it was used grounds from the restaurant, or if it was a blend of coffee grounds and roasted roadkill.  Yes, it was that bad and most drivers will be able to tell you the chain from this description.

Today’s modern coffee bars are a far cry from the stale urns with coffee of questionable origins of the past.

Today most truck stops even the ones that give free coffee to drivers, use high-quality coffee that is brewed fresh several times a day. A far cry from the days of coffee that tasted like weak dishwater or roadkill. They realize that good quality coffee is an important factor to customer satisfaction. Many chains have flavored creamers, and syrups and bring in specialty roasts several times a year. Over the 12 years, I have been driving coffee has come along ways. Some truck- stops even have nationally known coffee chains in them. Though personally, I think one well-known coffeehouse chain uses burnt muskox fur in their coffee. (I am not a fan of dark roast or any coffee that tastes burnt.) To me, good coffee is a lighter roast. This is because 1; it keeps more of the caffeine intact, and 2: it allows you to taste the natural flavors of the beans more easily.  High-quality coffee should never taste burnt or bitter.

Whether you prefer light or dark roast, cream, and or sugar, or other flavorings. The coffee that can be found today in most truck stops has options for almost any taste.

In honor of National Coffee Day here are a few of the places that are serving up coffee deals for your drinking pleasure.  Keep in mind that some locations may choose not to participate in these deals, or have different deals in certain parts of the country.

Pilot-Flying J: get a free small cup of coffee, cappuccino, or tea at any PFJ  location. Download the coupon or show the Facebook ad to get your free hot beverage, and show it at time of purchase.

7-11:  Is making a weekend of it Sept. 29 – Oct. 1: One free any-size coffee for all current 7Rewards members Oct. 2 – 8: One free any-size coffee for joining 7Rewards. You will need to download their rewards app to take advantage of this.

Wawa: Free any size coffee

Loves: is taking a different approach this year to National Coffee Day.  They will be raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network, 24 oz coffee and cappuccino will be a $1.00 with proceeds being donated to CMN. If you have earned free beverage credits on your Love’s card they will be donating a dollar from your beverage redemption to CMN. This is a great way to help a worthwhile charity and get your coffee fix.

I have also a link to an article from wallethub that lists, even more, ways to get your caffeine fix on National Coffee Day. Check it out to see if there are more offers in your area, or your favorite coffee retailer is participating.

Let’s just hope they are ready to handle the thirsty hordes this Friday, September 29, 2017.

Special thanks to the great folks at PFJ for reminding me Friday was National Coffee Day!!!  (It would have been horrible if I had forgotten this important day!!!) In the near future will be doing a more detailed article about PFJ coffee and the options they have for drivers.

Please note participation and details may vary from location to location. Check with your local store for exact details of their offers, or if you have questions!!!

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